Guide to buying a battery: essential tips

In order not to make a mistake when buying a battery, we have provided you with some very important tips. But it’s a process. You need to consider the sound you want, the amount of money you have available to buy, the musical styles you will play, etc. We’ve concocted a few things to consider in order to make the best investment with the money you have.

What do you need

Are you learning to play the drums? Have you been playing for a while? Do you play as a hobby? Professionally? Either way, understanding what you need will help you know which drum set to choose. For example: if you are learning to play drums now, there is no need to buy a double pedal now. You should consider these and other things when choosing an instrument.

Acoustic or electronic drums

If you live in a flat, an electronic drum would be a good option for practicing without disturbing the neighbors. If you have a space like a garage (or live in a more remote location) and can invest in some insulation, then choosing an acoustic drum kit is ideal. But the choice between one or the other also depends on taste and need. For example: if you want to try out other sounds, you can do so with electronic drums. And you can even connect it to your computer to control a virtual drum set. An acoustic drum kit has more sensitivity, a timbre that you can extract, as opposed to an electronic one that works by triggering previously recorded sounds.

What styles will you play?

Do you want to play metal? Jazz? Samba? For each of these styles, there is a selection of drum parts that best generate a sound depending on what you need. For example: if you want to play jazz, you will need fewer parts than you would if you were to play metal. But here it is also necessary to know what kind of sound you want to produce with your instrument. You can also analyze the size of the drum parts, for example a smaller drum will produce a higher pitch, while a larger drum will have a lower bass.