3 differences between a professional musician and an amateur

Playing the guitar may seem simple in theory, at least, any great musician will tell you that. Just learn some chords, scales and listen to the masters. With a little practice, you’re ready. But when you try to improvise, it’s not so simple. Here we will discuss the differences between a professional and an amateur musician, in 3 points, which we list below.

It all starts in the study room

Well, every musician practices. That’s true! But the best ones approach the idea of practice and the learning process in a unique way. Many guitarists are forced to study due to pressure from parents, teachers, or even a sense of obligation to study. After all, you should play if you really want to, otherwise, you might get frustrated. A professional, on the other hand, practices through internal motivation. For them, everything starts with inspiration, like playing for a lot of people, meeting an idol, and learning a new technique. It is important to define your personal goals and a study routine that will help you achieve these goals.

Are you hearing this? A professional, yes

The ability to hear and identify chords and melodies is one of the most important ones you need to improve. And for improvisation, a good ear is essential. For the best musicians, the term “ear training” means something much more comprehensive. For a professional, music theory is not only about the names of the notes and scales memorized, but also about the sound itself. Another interesting tactic is to learn and transcribe songs by ear.

The professionals have a language for every situation

If you think about it, the best musicians are never lost. They develop a musical language for every situation. It could be a blues solo, a funky rhythm in a band, a dominant chord, or a song on the radio. It doesn’t matter. When they are there, they have something to play on every tone, spontaneously. Remember that every song you play has a lot of chords and to be a good soloist you have to master all of them.